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Mom Owned Business baby blue giraffe baby nail files are the first nail file designed with baby's delicate nails in mind! I thought of the product on my maternity leave with my first child (2014) when I could not find an alternative to sharp nail clippers that actually worked. I tried every nail file out there and simply could not find one that was gentle on baby’s skin yet effective on their razor sharp nails. I am proud to offer this safe and easy solution for new parents to ensure their baby’s don’t scratch themselves- or you!

4 years later I still love using our nail files on our second baby as well! Still manufactured from only the highest quality glass in Prague, you can see the difference from cheaper copies that have since come on the market.

Safe and Easy
No more biting your baby's nails, worrying about about using sharp clippers or covering up their hands! Just a few quick stokes a couple times a week is all you need to prevent baby from scratching himself.

Made in Europe Made from genuine Czech glass that unlike traditional nail files (or cheaper copies made in China) are: *More effective, so filing is accomplished faster and more gently without any nail splitting. *Soft and gentle on your baby's skin. *Extremely long lasting, no need to replace frequently *Easily Cleaned and non-porous so they won't absorb germs or become rusted.

Check out some of our home videos here using the nail files on our own babies!